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I’ve been a freelance copywriter, journalist and marketer since 2003, delivering projects for the likes of The Climate Group, YoghurtRooms, Public-i, The Angelus Foundation, RedZebra, Brighton Electric Studios, Rockinghorse, Montash, Channel 4, IWantOneOfThose.com, Fresh Egg and YourAccompanist.

Location, Location, Location...

I live in Brighton (because it’s nice), but via the gift of the internet I can be wherever you need me to be, whenever the need arises. I've worked for clients in Brighton, Sussex, London, New York and South Yorkshire.

I’m exceedingly good at communication, client liaison and planning, so working together whilst geographically remote is a breeze.

That said, should the urge to meet me face-to-face become overwhelming (for team meetings, project planning, or just a coffee) then I’m more than happy to be lured away from my desk.

I'm also available for on-site projects, in Sussex, London and further afield too.

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P.S. I’m sorry? You want to know about the chameleon?

Well, I decided on that because:

  1. Everyone likes different things
  2. Everyone reacts to different things
  3. Everyone buys different things

And my job, in a nutshell, is to adapt to that.

First, I get to know you and your business. Then I get to know your audience. And then I tailor my language to suit them perfectly.

And that’s exactly what a chameleon does.

Well at least it would do, if it wrote for a living and didn’t play hide ‘n’ seek in the jungle all day. Okay, fine, so the concept doesn’t stand up to too much scrutiny. Cool shape though, eh?

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"Matt is a literary genius who can inject personality and humour with ease and is a great pleasure to work with! With great thanks!"

The YoghurtRooms Crew


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