Welcome, poorly chameleons...

If you've rocked up here it's probably because your highspeed typing skills are having a wee bit of an off-day and you accidentally typed Cameleon Copywriting or Camelion Copywriting or Cahmeleon Copywriting or somesuch.

Let's get you bandaged up

But no fear! Because the Chameleon Copywriting medical lounge is here and ready to lovingly piece your query back together and send you gently on your way to where you wanted to go.

So, what were you after, brave adventurer?




Anything else? No problem at all. Just check out the menu on the top right-hand side of this page and browse away to your heart's content.

What did you type?

The current data emerging from the boffins (locked in the basement) at Chameleon Towers indicates the following top-ranking misspellings/mistypings of Chameleon Copywriting...

  1. Camelion Copywriting (31%)
  2. Cameleon Copywriting  (24%)
  3. Chamelion Copywriting (19%)
  4. Chamleon Copywriting (7%)
  5. Camilion Copywriting (5%)
  6. Chamelian Copywriting (5%)
  7. Chamealoen Copywriting (5%)

Did you type one of those? Or maybe you managed to conjure up one of your very own? If so, drop me a line, let me know what it was and claim a 5% discount on your next Chameleon Copywriting project!

“I worked with Matt on a revamp of copy for my new website. He grasped my business from the off with a number of well placed questions to understand the market and the objectives. The commitment on the project was evident, copy was reworked as appropriate and the finished piece was very impressive indeed." Steve Dresser, Founder, Grocery Insight


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