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Who they are: Datajar are a Brighton-based, UK-wide technology firm. They specialise in Apple and JAMF Software products and services, as well as app development, Mobile Device Management, Apple support, backup solutions, cloud deployment, professional services and Apple training.

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What I did: I’m delighted to have an ongoing working relationship with Datajar. I was originally brought on board to work on their new website (launched in summer 2015). They asked me to edit, standardise and rework web copy and advise on content strategy. Since then, I’ve helped implement and employ their house style and brand voice on e-marketing campaigns and regular blog posts.

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Testimonial: "Working with Matt is an absolute joy, and the copy that was produced for our website is engaging and punchy. Just a couple of reasons why we'll keep using Chameleon Copywriting." James Ridsdale, Director and Systems Engineer, Datajar

Grocery Insight

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Who they are: Grocery Insight provide market-leading intelligence and perspective on the UK’s grocery retail industry. Utilising a unique store-based methodology, Grocery Insight cover everything from boardroom shake-ups to the latest shop floor signage, including national trends, regional exceptions and the future direction of the industry. Grocery Insight supply intelligence reports to a broad range of clients, including: retailers, suppliers, media outlets, marketing agencies and analysts.

gi sample content

What I did: I worked with Grocery Insight’s founder Steve Dresser and his web development team to conceive, design and deliver a brand new website.

1) Content strategy

I devised efficient and effective content strategy for the new website.

Grocery Insight have six distinct target markets, eight services and a number of products – all of which risked making the site unwieldy and ineffective. Everything needed unpacking and ideal user journeys defined and plotted accordingly.

I thought it advisable to first funnel users according to target market, and then offer them appropriate and tailored services on individual landing pages.

This delivered a well targeted, lean and common sense website, that works well for all visitors, regardless of their field or desired services.

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2) Content delivery

I delivered original and reworked copy across the entirety of the new site, in line with the defined content strategy and existing brand voice.

Grocery Insight’s blog, subscription-only newsletter and bespoke email service are all very well established and popular, so it was vital to maintain consistency of tone of voice across all copy.

Testimonial: “I worked with Matt on a revamp of copy for my new website. I say revamp but the reality is that he grasped my business from the off with a number of well placed questions to understand the market and the objectives. The commitment on the project was evident and there were numerous requests from my end that were well dealt with, copy was reworked as appropriate and the finished piece was very impressive indeed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Matt to anyone requiring copywriting services. His attention to detail, professionalism and expertise in wordsmithery(!) are obvious to me as an extremely pleased client.” Steve Dresser, Founder, Grocery Insight


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Who they are: Public-i pioneered webcasting in the public sector, for local councils and regional and national government. They are now Europe’s leading provider of strategies and technologies that support democratic engagement. Public-i offer a range of leading edge technologies - as well as analysis, research and technology training services - to organisations and bodies across government, health and education.

publici website

What I did: I'm proud to have an ongoing relationship with Public-i. To date, I've undertaken a range of projects, for varied products and services, projects and target audiences.

  • Edited, reworked and standardised documentation (including marketing content and technical documents) from numerous original authors to create cohesive brochure copy for the LGA (Local Government Association) Conference 2014
  • Copy edited marketing materials for the SOLACE (Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers) Conference 2014
  • Marketing materials related to Public-i’s work on NHS Citizen, an NHS England project, alongside partners Involve, The Tavistock Institute and Demsoc
  • Direct Mail copy for a series of emails regarding the organisation’s work and future activities in Scotland
  • Web consultancy: edited and proofed existing web content at www.public-i.info and advised on content strategy and future messaging, so as to better appeal to an evolving, diverse and specialised range of target audiences


Testimonial: “Our experience of working with Matt has proved very enjoyable and hugely valuable to the process of producing new marketing materials. We needed him to align our messaging across a varied mix of complex product communications, which he achieved swiftly and successfully. He really helped re-shape and simplify the copy, and we found him great to work with.” Tanya Harris, Marketing & Communications, Public-i

Edge Company

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Who they are: Edge Company is the home of designer Garth Williams. For over 20 years he’s specialised in the design of exceptional home décor products and garden ornaments, constructed from wood and metal. Based in Sussex, his creations are crafted in India and sold throughout the UK.

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What I do: I’ve had an ongoing working relationship with Edge Company for the last few years. I’m involved in drafting original and edited copy for their annual print brochure - with much of the copy then utilised on their website too. The copy needs to be factual and explanatory - including size ranges, use of materials and the variety of finishes - whilst emphasising the originality of the designs and quality of the finished products.

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Testimonial: “I found Matt to be interested in our project, quick to understand our requirements and prompt with the delivery of the work. Edge Company will certainly call on Chameleon for copy writing for our next launch of products.” Garth Williams, Director, Edge Company


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Who they are: A multi-award winning London recruitment company specialising in the IT sector.

What I did:

  • Development of brand language
  • Provision of all-new and edited content for a brand new website
  • Script for an animated video, produced by Scorch London www.scorchlondon.com

scorchlondonmontash video

Award finalist: Montash’s new site went on to be nominated as a finalist at NORA 2013 (National Online Recruiters Awards) in the Best Small Recruitment Agency category.

nora awards montash

Testimonial: "The copy is looking very cool!” Ursula Searle, Finance & Operations, Montash




What they do: A multi-purpose working organic farm in West Sussex that offers glamping, pampering, events, a professional recording studio and pretty much anything else you can imagine!


What I did:

Involved in complete rebrand, rewrite and relaunch of website.

  • Original content throughout all-new website
  • Reworking/editing of existing content
  • Interviews and research
  • Rebranding and marketing consultancy
  • Content strategy

Testimonial: "We employed Matt to help us with the editing of our new website. Matt is an absolute asset and we could not have done it without him! He is a literary genius who can inject personality and humour with ease and is a great pleasure to work with! With great thanks!" The YoghurtRooms Crew

Coles VA

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Who they are: Coles VA is Maribel Coles. She offers virtual PA services to business owners, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses in Brighton, Sussex, London, the UK and abroad.

coles va - maribel pic

What I did: Maribel asked me to help edit, rework and provide original copy for her brand new website. She was launching a new type of business – one that many people within her target market were potentially unaware existed. Therefore, her priorities were to explain to potential clients precisely what ‘VA’ meant, the myriad range of services provided, and the benefits of flexible outsourcing; all whilst conveying her experience, aptitude and personality.

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Testimonial: "Matt understood the project from the word go and knew exactly what I wanted to achieve for my website contents. Thanks to his great skills and expertise the end result was brilliant! I am certainly happy to recommend Matt to anyone, and I would not hesitate to work with him again!" Maribel Coles, founder, Coles VA

Amy Hill Music



Who they are: Amy Hill is a Brighton-based community musician working throughout Sussex. She runs fun and friendly music, movement and singing groups for people of all ages and abilities.

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What I did: I was brought onboard to overhaul Amy’s existing website and copy.

I advised on content strategy, including the layout of the site and the flow of user journeys, as well as how to communicate her broad range of services with clarity.

I edited, reworked and standardised existing content - all in line with Amy’s warm and very personable style, and created additional original content as required.


Testimonial: "Matt spent a lot of time looking at my site and talking to me to really understand the work I do - and this showed through in the copy he wrote. He was lovely to work with, very approachable and responsive to any suggestions I made. I love the copy on my site - it's completely succinct and engaging!" Amy Hill, Amy Hill Music

Monde Mosaic

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Who they are: Monde Mosaic is a Brighton-based platform for new art from new artists around the world. The curated collections are available as high quality glycee artprints, on clothing and lifestyle products.

What I did: Crafted an original press release to reach out to bloggers, art reviews and target market customers. This content went on to form the About content of the website, including The Monde Mosaic Manifesto:

  1. Everyone loves art, and everyone should be able to collect art.

  2. You don’t need an elite art-history education to ‘understand’ it – if you like something, it’s good. Full stop.

  3. New and emerging artists need a risk-free platform to connect with audiences, build their reputation and earn money.

  4. Art should be free-to-roam! Whilst great art looks wonderful on walls, it should also be on clothing and lifestyle products. 
  5. Love art, love the planet. All Monde Mosaic papers, frames, inks and clothes are ethically sourced and produced.

monde mosaic logo

Testimonial: "Matt understood us, our brand and our requirements. He came up with some great ideas and we'll certainly work with him again in the future" Vanja Pržulj, Founder, Monde Mosaic

Travel Peru

travel peru logo


Who they are: Travel Peru is run by experienced travel guide Stuart Wicks. He has lived and worked in Peru for over 25 years, specialising in conceiving, planning and leading tailor made trips throughout Peru and South America. In addition to work with travellers, honeymooners and adventurers, he also advises incoming businesses and travel agencies on the region.

travel peru pic1

What I did: I provided original and reworked copy for the launch of the Travel Peru website, including general web content, blog posts and travel guides, as well as sample itineraries. In collaboration with their web development company, I also advised on content strategy and overall design, and continue to be involved in regular site updates and related social media marketing.

travel peru pic 2

Testimonial: "The new site is great - I'm very happy with it!" Stuart Wicks, founder, Travel Peru




What they do: GrandBrother are a Brighton-based company specialising in music and sound design for film, television and advertising.

What I did: GrandBrother asked me to rewrite the copy on their homepage. They wanted it to be crisper, more professional, and to explain and sell their services better.


Testimonial: “Working with Matt at Chameleon Copywriting was an absolute breeze. This colourful lizard took our muddled ideas and words and quickly transformed them into a professional and delightful piece of work. Thanks Matt, great job!” Adam Ward, GrandBrother

The Dreamwool Blanket Co.

dreamwool logo


What they do: A newly-launched London company specialising in high-quality, fairly-priced pure new wool and alpaca products.

What I did: As part of a branding exercise before the launch of their new business, The Dreamwool Blanket Co. wanted help crafting their ‘brand story’.

The Dreamwool Blanket Co. was founded on three key principles: quality, value and fairness. So the central theme of their ‘story’ was their wholehearted belief that it is possible to deliver top quality products for affordable prices – whilst still paying a fair price to those who supply and manufacture them.

Testimonial: "Matt helped us create a wonderful brand story for our new product line. We really enjoyed working with him and will definitely come back when we have copywriting tasks in the future." Zhan P., The Dreamwool Blanket Co.


mediaminister logofresheggadt logo


What they do: Sussex-based copywriter and consultant

What I did: Collaborative projects for numerous clients inc. Fresh Egg, IWantOneOfThose.com, Kiddicare.com, Buyagift.com.

  • Original content in line with a multitude of house styles, for companies offering: gifts and experiences, childrens products, security systems, freelance services, etc.
  • Branding, rebranding and straplines
  • Development of style guides and tone of voice
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Rewriting


Testimonial: ‘As a fellow writer, I know how difficult it can be to take a woolly copywriting brief and produce copy that is nothing short of a miracle. But he can do just that. He's a reliable freelancer, who always makes the time to take on whatever I might throw his way. What's more, he's a pleasure to work with and can brighten many a dull day with his refreshing and witty sense of humour.’ Tracey Dooley, Mediaminister

Brighton Electric



What they do: Recording and rehearsal studios group based in Brighton, Sussex and the south east. Short-listed for MusicWeek Studio of the Year 2010.

What I did: Original content, editing and proofing for revamped website.

be picture 3belecpicture 2

Testimonial: 'Matt really helped us through all the stages of developing a well written and accessible website, traffic has doubled and we were nominated for studio of the year - I've no doubt the website and Matt's input have hugely contributed to this success. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt to proof and write your company's copy!’ James Stringfellow, Director, Brighton Electric


Your Accompanist



What they do: YourAccompanist make downloadable MP3 accompaniment tracks for singers. Perfect for soloists, ensembles, choirs and classrooms, for those who sing professionally, recreationally... or secretly.

What I did: 

  • Original content for revamped website and social media marketing campaign
  • Research into target market engagement and e-newsletter
  • Development of new house style
  • Content strategy


Wavelength Arts



What they do: Record label, recording studios and training provider, based in South Yorkshire.

What I did: Research and market analysis.


Testimonial: 'Matt McGuire undertook a programme of market research on our behalf. Matt did a first class job and provided us with a range of useful information and statistics. His attitude to the job was positive, creative and energetic and we firmly believe that he would be a significant asset to any company or project in need of his professional services.’ Keith Angel, Director, Wavelength Arts


"Really very good! Thanks for all your efforts. The site has come alive now." Bruce Peterson, My Dealer Page


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