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Want to engage with your target market? Want to speak to them in words they want to hear? Here’s what to do:

1) Learn about them

Your business has a target market. Get to know them. Because your audience is unique:

  • They like certain films
  • They prefer some foods but loathe others
  • They love to dance to certain records
  • They like to buy things that look like this. But never, ever, like that

In short, there are countless things that define your audience.

You might not be making records or films. You might not be selling cheese or kippers. That doesn’t matter.

What matters is that your target market has personality traits that help define them and inform what they do. And anything and everything you discover about them will help you to provide what they’re looking for. And that will make both of you happy.

When we (hopefully) start working together, I’ll provide a profiling questionnaire to help discover the things that make YOUR audience click, buy, donate, giggle, recommend and come back for more.

2) Communicate

So now you know them, it’s time to talk to them. And if you speak to your audience correctly, several wonderful things will happen:

  1. They’ll like you
  2. They’ll listen to you
  3. They’ll trust you
  4. They’ll want to hear more
  5. And after that? Well, that’s up to you…

So how do you make sure you speak to your audience correctly? Well, hopefully that’s where someone like me comes in.

A copywriter is, in essence, someone who can write in a multitude of different styles. Who knows which words to use and when, and how to tailor them to fit any given audience perfectly. (If you bumped into one of them in the street they’d be polite. You’d be happy to introduce them to your mother.)

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"Matt really helped us through all the stages of developing a well written and accessible website, traffic has doubled and we were nominated for studio of the year!"
James Stringfellow, Director, Brighton Electric


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