Chameleon Copywriting is the website of Matthew McGuire.


A copywriter, journalist and marketer, he has been delivering successful projects to a broad range of corporate clients since 2003.

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Matthew lives in Brighton, East Sussex, UK, but excels at remote-working thanks to his excellent communication, client liaison and planning skills. He has worked for companies based in Brighton, East and West Sussex, London, New York and South Yorkshire.

Please note that Matthew is also available for face-to-face meetings, project planning sessions and on-site engagements, at the client’s request.

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P.S. Why Chameleon Copywriting?

  1. People like different things
  2. People react to different things
  3. People buy different things

A quality copywriter understands this, analyses the audience and adapts their language to reflect the requirements of the marketplace. Just like a chameleon adapts to its surroundings.

Also, Matthew likes chameleons.

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