In short, write the things that will make your audience swoon.

Great copy... for everyone

I've written content on: climate change and custom motorcycles, youth charities and hot air balloon rides, technology solutions and B2B consultancy services, pushchairs and recording studios, sculpture and government communication strategies, home security systems and yurts, cremators and supermarkets, branding and drugs welfare.

What can I write for you?

E-stuff & traditional stuff

I can deliver across all media channels, so whatever project you have in mind, I can help.

E-stuff: Websites / social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Mailchimp) / SEO / wireframes / emails / e-newsletters / content strategy, etc, etc.

Traditional stuff: Print documents / brochures / flyers / banners / promo materials, etc, etc.

New stuff & revitalised stuff

Doing some brand new stuff? I’m great at conceiving, designing and writing original content.

Making changes to an existing website or document? Need it editing, proofing, tweaking or overhauling? I’m good at all that stuff too.


I’m very friendly, so you’ll enjoy working with me. And in the future you’ll be able to think, ‘Right, we need this thing writing – let’s fire it over to Matt. We like him. He always does a great job.’

Costs & scope

I’m very good value. And I'm happy to discuss any size and scope of project and (pretty much) any budget.

Got a deadline approaching? Would you like a couple of hours help with a last-minute document or perhaps an extra pair of eyes on a presentation?

Or maybe you're in need of complete open-heart surgery on your current website or even something utterly brand-spanking new? 

Discounts available for charities.

What next?

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“Matt McGuire is a great asset to our team and his expertise and flow of ideas are greatly appreciated." 

Maryon Stewart, Author, Broadcaster & Founder of The Angelus Foundation


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